User Eligibilities and Conditions of Use
The JILA Keck Lab is intended for research and development only. It is neither designed nor intended for production.

Non-JILA CU users must be undertaking a valid research project and provide a current account number for eligibility. Similarly, prospective NIST users must provide a project number. Non-CU users must have a purchase order made out to the University of Colorado and a Services Agreement on record to gain and maintain access to the Keck Lab.

It is preferred that prospective users of the clean room have some experience working in a microfabrication controlled environment and knowledgable in chemical usage and their hazards.

All perspective users must complete a Keck Lab User Information Form. This document must be on record in the Keck lab before any person can use the facility. Clean Room Policies and Practices is a more detailed list of rules governing use of the clean room.

Every eligible user will be assigned an individual user name and password for the computers that run instrumentation in the Keck Lab. Rights to an instrument will only be established for users who have been checked out on that instrument. Passwords are not to be shared.

Non-JILA users may not enter the building after 6:00pm, on weekends or holidays, or when the building is closed for special events. If a non-JILA user is in the building after 6:00pm, he or she may stay as long as needed, but cannot re-enter the building once they leave.

Reservations can be made for equipment in high demand. Reservations may be bumped by users with higher priority at any time 24 hours before the scheduled start time. Rescheduling must be done at least 24 hours in advance, and the user with higher priority is responsible for contacting the user being bumped. No user may bump any other user within 24 hours of the reserved time. There is a 30 minute grace period from the reserved start time, after which the remaining reserved time is forfeited if the reserving user does not show. Reservations may be cancelled at any time without penalty.

The cart-based instruments shall not be removed from JILA. Non-JILA users can only use them in JILA.

Users of cart-based instruments will be allowed to keep an instrument for a maximum of 48 hours. After 48 hours, the instrument can be recalled by another user with 8 hours notice. It is the responsibility of the user originally checking out the instrument to make sure that its current location is properly noted in the Equipment Sign-Out tablet in the Keck lab.

The JILA lab key opens the Keck Lab. The Cleanroom, including the SEM's, and X110 are accessible only by keypad.

Any difficulties or problems with the equipment must be noted and the lab manager informed.

The computers and printers in the Keck Lab are only to be used in conjunction with the instrumentation in the Keck lab. They are not for general purpose use.

The introduction of new chemicals to the lab, especially the Cleanroom, must be approved in advance by the lab manager and a current material safety data sheet must be provided.

Access to the Keck Lab does not constitute access to the JILA instrument shops or instrument shop personnel.

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