User Priority and Fees
JILA users have highest priority for the equipment, followed by other CU users. Non-CU users have lowest priority.

The usage fee for the clean room is $45.00 per hour for any JILA, CU, and NIST member. The usage fee for the metrology lab is likewise $45.00 per hour except for JILA members, who are charged an equivalent monthly subscription in lieu of the hourly charge. Members of the CU and NIST community are allowed to use the Keck lab under the following conditions: Other users from outside of CU, including unaffiliated universities, non-profit organizations, national labs other than NIST, and commercial entities, must adhere to the following conditions: These hourly charges are imposed to help defray the overhead that would normally be applied to JILA research groups. The charges will be adjusted periodically to reflect changes in costs and usage of the Keck lab.

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