Clean Room Instrumentation
This Class 1000 (ISO 6) and Class 100 (ISO 5) clean room contains instruments for fabrication of microstructures.

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Assembly Bench
For sample cleaning, inspection and mounting. Also used for laser cavity assembly.

Class: 10 (ISO 4) or better
Lighting: Full spectrum LED tubes
Features: Leica stereoscope with adjustable LED illumination
Critical Point Dryer
For drying samples without going through density changes.

Make: Bal-Tec AG
Model: CPD 030
Payload Space: 40mm diameter x 36mm
Transfer medium: IPA
Transitional medium: CO2
Four-Point Probe
For measuring sheet resistance and volume resistivity.

Make: Jandel Engineering
Model: HM21
Range: 1 to 10 Megohms (.01 Ohms measurable)
Currents: 100nA, 1, 10, 100 microamps, 1mA, 10mA
Accuracy: 0.3%, 0.5% greater than 1mV
Probe tip radius: 100 microns
Smallest sample: 5mm
Features: PC datalogging, CSV output, Bulk resistivity calculation

Mask Aligner/Exposer
Used in photolithography. Aligns masks to existing structures on a wafer and exposes the photo-resist to transfer the mask design.

Make: Karl Suss
Model: MJB 3
Type: UV/400nm
Wafer/Mask Size: 3"/4"
Resolution: 0.6 microns
Alignment Accuracy: 2 microns
Features: Split-field microscope
Optical Microscope
Optical Microscope
General purpose instrument used extensively to characterize lithographically produced structures.

Make: Leica
Model: DMLM Custom
Type: Reflection, Epi-Illumination
Magnifications: 50X, 100X, 250X, 500X, 1000X
Resolution: .25 microns
Features: Bright field, dark field, differential interference contrasting, Mireau interferometer on 10X objective, Image capture on networked computer, 3-axis-automated stage with position readouts for metrology and patterning.
For measuring step height and surface roughness.

Make: Dektak
Model: XT
Type: Stylus
Tip radius: 12.5 micron and 2 micron
Features: Vibration isolation, VLSI step height standard
PVD Coating Chambers
Used for depositing metal layers for lithography and optics.

Make: Edwards
Model: Cryo 304
Features: Thermal, 4-hearth e-gun, and 2" magnetron sputter capabilities

Make: JILA Custom System
Usage: Restricted to high purity aluminum
Pumping: Dry scroll, cryopump
Features: 4-hearth e-gun, high-precision tilt deposition, in-situ oxidation
Reactive Ion Etcher
Used for dry etching and ashing.

Make: AXIC Inc.
Model: PlasmaSTAR
Upstream Control: Four 500 sccm mass flow controllers
Gases: O2, CF4, CHF3, SF6
Pumping: Edwards QDP80
Scanning Electron Microscope
Scanning Electron Microscopes
Performs electron microscopy. It can also be used to do electron beam lithography.

Make: JEOL
Model: JSM-6400
Detectors: Secondary Electron, Backscatter
Acceleration Voltages: 0.2–40 KeV
Magnification: 10X–300,000X
Resolution: 35 Angstroms
Maximum Sample Size: 50mm x 75mm
Stage: Custom, high resolution motorized stage
Features: Externally addressed scan coils for E-beam writing
Image Output Types: Thermal, Polaroid, 35mm film, Image capture to networked computer

Make: FEI
Model: Nova NanoSEM 630
Detectors: Everhart-Thornley SED, HELIX, LVD, TLD, BSE
Acceleration Voltages: 50V–30 KeV
Magnification: 35X–1.6MX
Resolution: 0.8nm @ 30KeV
Maximum Sample Size: 150 x 150mm
Features: Patterning capabilities, 3D imaging

Accessories: A small Au/Pd sputterer is available for non-conductive samples

Spin Coaters
For spin coating resist and other materials on substrates. Both spinners are located in the solvent bench.

Make: Headway Research Inc.
Model: EC101DT
Type: Single channel, non-programmable
Speed Range: 0 - 10,000 rpm
Maximum substrate diameter: 4 inches
Features: Foot pedal control, custom chucks

Make: Laurell Technologies Corporation
Model: WS-650Mz-23NPPB
Type: Programmable
Speed Range: 0 - 13,000 rpm
Maximum substrate diameter: 6 inches
Features: Enclosed chamber with nitrogen purge

Sputter Coating Chamber
Used for dielectric deposition.

Make: JILA Custom System
Pumping: Dry scroll semiconductor pump, turbopump
Sources: (2) 3" circular magnitrons
Features: 3 cm ion gun, multiple ports for in-situ thickness measurements
Tube Furnace
Tube Furnace
Used for oxide growth and diffusion.

Make: Lindberg/Blue M
Model: HTF55322C
Max. Temperature: 1200°C, single zone
Capacity: 3" wafers
Gas supplies: dry nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen, argon
Flow control: Mass flow meters
Temperature control: Programmable ramp/soak controller

Wet Processing Stations
For semiconductor wet processing.

Make: JST Manufacturing Incorporated
Model: Custom 96" Stainless Steel
Uses: Solvent cleaning, spin coating, and developing
Features: Sink, UHP Water, dry nitrogen guns, filtered LED illumination, underbench storage with pull-out trays, solvent catch carboy

Make: JST Manufacturing Incorporated
Model: Custom 48" Polypropylene
Use: Dedicated to HF use only
Features: Sink, UHP water, dry nitrogen gun, filtered LED illumination, underbench storage

Make: Terra Universal
Model: 2000-18 60" Polypropylene
Uses: Acid cleaning and etching
Features: Sink, UHP water, dry nitrogen gun, vacuum port, polycarbonate sash, underbench storage with vented acid cabinet

Wire Bonders
Used for connecting wires from chip to package.

Type: Manual wedge
Make: West-Bond
Models: 7476E and 747630E
Wire: Aluminum and Gold, 1 and 2 mil
Accessories: Substrate heater

* Mention of commercial products is for information only; it does not imply NIST recommendation or endorsement, nor does it imply that the products mentioned are necessarily the best available for the purpose.

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