Clean Room Instrumentation
This Class 1000 (ISO 6) and Class 100 (ISO 5) clean room contains instruments for fabrication of microstructures.

Assembly Bench
For sample cleaning, inspection and mounting. Also used for laser cavity assembly.

Class: 10 (ISO 4) or better
Lighting: Full spectrum LED tubes
Features: Leica stereoscope with adjustable LED illumination
Critical Point Dryer
For drying samples without going through density changes.

Make: Bal-Tec AG
Model: CPD 030
Payload Space: 40mm diameter x 36mm
Transfer medium: IPA
Transitional medium: CO2
Depostion Systems (Sputter Coating)
Used for magnetron sputter deposition.

Make: Anatech USA
Model: Hummer VI-A
Use: Exclusively for Au/Pd or Pt coating on non-conductive SEM samples

Make: Edwards
Model: Auto 306 Turbo
Features: (2) 4" circular magnetrons, co-deposition capabilities

Make: JILA Custom System for Dielectrics
Pumping: Dry scroll semiconductor pump, turbopump
Sources: (2) 3" circular magnetrons
Features: 3 cm ion gun, multiple ports for in-situ thickness measurements
(1) 1 kVA transformer thermal source

Make: JILA Custom System for Metals
Pumping: Dry scroll semiconductor pump, cryoopump
Sources: (2) 2" circular magnetrons or (1) 4" circular magnetron
Features: Multiple ports for substrate holders, heated platen option
(1) 2 kVA transformer and (1) 4 kVA transformer thermal sources
Deposition Systems (Thermal and E-beam)
Used for depositing metal layers for lithography and optics.

Make: Edwards
Model: Auto 306 Cryo
Features: 2 kVA transformer thermal source, 4-hearth e-gun, and 2" magnetron sputter capabilities

Make: JILA Custom System
Usage: Restricted to high purity aluminum
Pumping: Dry scroll, cryopump
Features: 4-hearth e-gun, high-precision tilt deposition, in-situ oxidation
Four-Point Probe
For measuring sheet resistance and volume resistivity.

Make: Jandel Engineering
Model: HM21
Range: 1 to 10 Megohms (.01 Ohms measurable)
Currents: 100nA, 1, 10, 100 microamps, 1mA, 10mA
Accuracy: 0.3%, 0.5% greater than 1mV
Probe tip radius: 100 microns
Smallest sample: 5mm
Maximum substrate temperature: 100 degrees C for short probe duration
Features: PC datalogging, CSV output, Bulk resistivity calculation

Mask Aligner/Exposer
Used in photolithography. Aligns masks to existing structures on a wafer and exposes the photo-resist to transfer the mask design.

Make: Karl Suss
Model: MJB 3
Type: UV/400nm
Wafer/Mask Size: 3"/4"
Resolution: 0.6 microns
Alignment Accuracy: 2 microns
Features: Split-field microscope
Optical Microscope
Optical Microscopes
General purpose instrument used extensively to characterize lithographically produced structures.

Make: Leica
Model: DMLM Custom
Type: Reflection, Epi-Illumination
Magnifications: 50X, 100X, 250X, 500X, 1000X
Resolution: .25 microns
Camera: Leica EC4 Features: Bright field, dark field, DIC, Mireau interferometer on 10X objective, image capture on networked computer, glass scales on x and y axes and LVDT on z axis

Make: Leica
Model: MZ6
Type: Stereoscopic
Magnifications: 6.3X to 40X Zoom
Optical Profilometer
Measures feature height and surface quality.

Make: Wyko
Model: NT2000
Type: White light vertical scan interferometer, 602nm phase shift interferometer
Objectives: 5X Mickelson, 20X Mireau, 50X Mireau
Multipliers: 0.5X, 0.62X, 1X
Camera: 1 MP
Stage: 8" x 8" motorized
Features: Automated stitching, VLSI step height standards
Stylus Profilometer
For measuring step height and surface roughness.

Make: Bruker
Model: DektakXT
Type: Stylus
Scan length: 50 microns to 55 millimeters in one direction only
Tip radius: 12.5 micron and 2 micron
Features: Vibration isolation, VLSI step height standard
Reactive Ion Etcher
Used for dry etching and ashing.

Make: AXIC Inc.
Model: PlasmaSTAR
Upstream Control: Four 500 sccm mass flow controllers
Downstream Control: Nor-Cal Intellysis Butterfly Valve
Gases: O2, CF4, CHF3, SF6,C4F8, Ne, Ar
Pumping: Edwards QDP80
Scanning Electron Microscope
Scanning Electron Microscope
This instrument is located in a specially constructed room within the clean room area designed to minimize vibrational, acoustic and electromagnetic interference. It is used not only for imaging, but primarily for electron-beam writing.

Make: FEI
Model: Nova NanoSEM 630
Detectors: Everhart-Thornley SED, HELIX, LVD, TLD, BSE
Acceleration Voltages: 50V–30 KeV
Magnification: 35X–1.6MX
Resolution: 0.8nm @ 30KeV
Maximum Sample Size: 150 x 150mm
Features: Patterning capabilities, 3D imaging

Supporting Equipment: Anatech Hummer VI-A sputter coater with Au/Pd target

Spin Coaters
For spin coating resist and other materials on substrates. Both spinners are located in the solvent bench.

Make: Headway Research Inc.
Model: EC101DT-R485
Type: Single channel, non-programmable
Speed Range: 0 - 10,000 rpm
Maximum substrate diameter: 4 inches
Features: Foot pedal control, custom chucks

Make: Laurell Technologies Corporation
Model: WS-650Mz-23NPPB
Type: Programmable
Speed Range: 0 - 13,000 rpm
Maximum substrate diameter: 6 inches
Features: Enclosed chamber with nitrogen purge

Tube Furnace
Tube Furnace
Used for oxide growth, annealing, and diffusion.

Make: Lindberg/Blue M
Model: HTF55322C
Max. Temperature: 1100°C, single zone
Capacity: 3" wafers
Gas supplies: Dry nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and argon
Flow control: Two mass flow meters, 5 liters/minute max.
Temperature control: Programmable ramp/soak controller

Wet Processing Stations
For semiconductor wet processing.

Make: JST Manufacturing Incorporated
Model: Custom 96" Stainless Steel
Uses: Solvent cleaning, spin coating, and developing
Features: Sink, UHP Water, dry nitrogen guns, filtered LED illumination, underbench storage with pull-out trays, solvent catch carboy

Make: JST Manufacturing Incorporated
Model: Custom 48" Polypropylene
Use: Dedicated to HF use only
Features: Sink, UHP water, dry nitrogen gun, filtered LED illumination, underbench storage

Make: Terra Universal
Model: 2000-18 60" Polypropylene
Uses: Acid cleaning and etching
Features: Sink, UHP water, dry nitrogen gun, vacuum port, polycarbonate sash, underbench storage with vented acid cabinet

Wire Bonders
Used for connecting wires from chip to package.

Type: Manual Wedge, Two Way Convertible
Make: West-Bond
Models: 7476E (63kHz) and 747630E (High Frequency 110kHz)
Wire: Aluminum and Gold, 1 and 2 mil
Accessories: Substrate heaters

* Mention of commercial products is for information only; it does not imply NIST recommendation or endorsement, nor does it imply that the products mentioned are necessarily the best available for the purpose.

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