Metrology Laboratory Instrumentation
The optics laboratory contains a suite of instruments for characterizing optical sources, particularly lasers, and the optical properties of materials. Some of these instruments are connected by single-mode optical fiber to JILA research groups laboratories. The fiber links allow the instruments to be used remotely. The results are read back from a server over a new high-speed local area network installed as part of the Keck lab. The measurements performed by some instruments do not allow intervening fiber; these instruments are located on carts so that they can moved into research labs. Others remain in the Keck Laboratory. The optics lab is also used for teaching alignment and operation of ultrafast lasers.

Dimensional AFM
Used for profiling features and determining critical dimensions on substrates as large as 6" in diameter.

Make: Digital Instruments
Model: Dimension 3100
Controller: Nanoscope IIIa
Add-on: nPoint XY100Z15 scanner
Stage Travel: 4" x 4"
Multi-mode Atomic Force Microscope
Multi-Mode Atomic-Force Microscope
Scanning probe microscope used to characterize surfaces with atomic resolution.

Make: Digital Instruments
Type: MMAFM-2
Controller: Nanoscope IIIa

Beam Profiler
Displays the spatial profile of a laser beam and beam propagation information (cart).

Make: Spiricon
Model: Beam Gage & M2-200s-FW-A
Filter Wheel: LBS-160
Camera: SP300
Data Logger
Data acquision device for vibration, acoustic, and electromagnetic measurements.

Make: Measurement Computing Corporation
Model: WebDAQ 504
Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, USB or SD memory data transfer
Number of Channels: 4
Resolution: 24 bits
Frequency: 13.1072 MHz
Data Rate: 1.652 kS/s to 51.2 kS/s
Accelerometers: (4) PCB Piezotronics, Inc. Model 393B12, 3-Axis Block
Magnetometer: Applied Physics Systems Model 533
Microphone: PCB Piezotronics, Inc. Model 130A24
Determines the thickness and optical constants of thin dielectric films. Used to characterize optical coatings.

Make: J.A. Woollam
Model: VASE-VB 250
Type: Variable Angle, Spectroscopic
Angle of Incidence Range: 20 degrees – 90 degrees (transmission)
Angular Resolution: 18 arc seconds
Wavelength Range: 240nm – 1100nm
Probe Diameter: 3 mm (100 microns with probe tubes)
Fiber Cleaver
Used for straight and angle cleaving of fiber optics.

Make: PK Technology
Model: FK12
Fiber Fusion Splicer
Produces very low loss splices between optical fibers by fusing the fibers together.

Make: Eriksson
Model: FSU 975
Fizeau Interferometer
Fizeau Interferometer
Wavefront analyzer for characterizing the flatness of optical elements.

Make: Zygo
Model: GPI XP
Aperture: 4"
Reference Flatness: Lambda/50
Accessories: 4" to 33mm converter for characterizing small samples

Used for measuring emission spectrum of a sample as a function of excitation wavelength.

Make: HORIBA Jobin Yvon
Model: Fluorolog-3 FL3-222
Resolution: 0.2 nm
Accuracy: ±0.5 nm
Speed: 150 nm/s
Range: 0–1300 nm
Gratings: Excitation blaze: 330 nm (200-700 nm range)
                Emission blaze: 500 nm (300-1000 nm range)
Accessories: Thermo-electric cooler sample chamber attachment

Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating (FROG)
Allows the complete electric field (amplitude and phase) of an ultrashort optical pulse to be determined (cart).

Make: Swamp Optics
Type: Grenouille
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR)
Measures the transmission and reflection properties of optical elements and materials in the far infrared

Make: Thermo Electron
Model: Nicolet iS50 Advanced
Wavelength Range: 7800cm-1 – 200cm-1 (1.282um – 50um)
Resolution: 0.09 cm-1
Optical Microscopes
Used for routine light microscopy.

Make: Olympus
Model: BH2-MJLT
Type: Trans and Epi Illumination, Bright Field, Dark Field, DIC
Objectives: 5X, 10X, 50X. 100X
Eyepieces: 10X
Camera: Leica EC3

Make: Olympus
Model: MX 40
Type: Epi-illumination, Bright Field, Dark Field
Objectives: 5X, 10X, 50X. 100X
Eyepieces: 10X
Camera: Leica EC3

Make: Leica
Model: M80
Type: Stereoscopic
Magnification: 7.5X to 60X Zoom
Camera: Leica IC90 E
Optical Multimeter
Measures optical power.

Make: Hewlett Packard
Wavelength range: 450–1700 nm
Sensitivity: -100 dBm (vis), -110 dBm (near-IR)
Optical Profilometer
Optical Profilometer
Measures feature height and surface quality.

Make: Veeco
Model: Wyko NT3300
Type: White light vertical scan interferometer, 633nm phase shift interferometer
Objectives: 2.5X Mickelson, 10X Mireau, 50X Mireau
Multipliers: 0.5X, 0.75X, 1X, 2X
Stage: 8" x 8" motorized
Features: Automated stitching, VLSI step height standards

Measures the polarization state of a laser beam and displays the results in real time on the Poincare sphere (cart).

Make: Thorlabs
Wavelength Range: 400–1600 nm (two optical heads)
UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer
Measures the transmission and reflection properties of optical elements and materials from the ultraviolet to near infrared wavelengths.

Make: Agilent
Model: Cary 5000
Type: UV-VIS-NIR Wavelength
Range: 175nm–3300nm (57,142cm-1 – 3030cm-1)
Resolution: 0.03nm
Specimen Chamber Capacity: 8" x 8" maximum sample size
Attachments: Universal Measurement Accessory (UMA, Equivalent to a Cary 7000), Specular Reflectance Accessory, Variable Angle Transmittance

* Mention of commercial products is for information only; it does not imply NIST recommendation or endorsement, nor does it imply that the products mentioned are necessarily the best available for the purpose.

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