Users Section
Check this section before coming to the lab or booking time on the reservation application for news and status updates on the lab and instruments.

General Notices
No issues at present. Please don't remove tools and fixtures from the lab or clean room. This includes project boxes in the clean room.

Metrology Lab Notices
All instruments are in working order. We have a working Wyko NT2000 optical profilometer in the lab now.

Clean Room Notices
Every piece of equipment is in working order. A solvent catch basin has been installed in the solvent bench. It is for solvents only. It is the responsibility of the user to exchange the 2.5 gallon carboy when the filled alarm sounds.

The scheduling application used for reserving an instrument has a section for each lab. Please use your real name and not your user name for entries. JILA users have first priority, CU/NIST users second, and Non-CU clients third. All bookings are locked in for a 24 hour period before usage. If a user does not show after 30 minutes of their scheduled start time, that user forfeits their remaining reserved time.

General Contact
Phone: (303) 492-2389